maggie michella



This is America

While enjoying tremendous success internationally, Budweiser faces a tremendous challenge in its home market. The brief is to create a campaign that humanizes and reconnects Budweiser with key cultural moments, recognizing that bold ideas travel, become news and relies not only on advertising dollars. ‘This is America’ embraces inclusivity and shows that America is not made out of one, but many immigrants. The purpose of this campaign is to educate consumers about the fabric of America. Through packaging design and 12 cans pack, Budweiser will be able to communicate the importance of unity large scale.



As one of the world’s biggest beer producers, Budweiser has been a big influence on American culture. The purpose of B.Y.O.Bottle is to go against the use-and-toss mentality. Budweiser is inviting people to bring their own bottle by giving discounts through local bars and major retailers. By bringing your own bottle, on a larger scale, Budweiser will be able to reduce a huge amount of waste annually and make the world a better place. Through experiential media, Budweiser will be able to impact consumers in first easy steps.



Global warming is an issue that is well-known to the public. However, telling the same information isn’t showing the reality of the issue. The purpose of this project is for consumers to experience the future impact that global warming can have in our daily activities.  Instead of seeing global warming through different media outlets, Budweiser can educate consumers in their everyday routine.